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Ways to Give

The Orange County Community Housing Corporation is constantly seeking your support in serving the community through our various programs. It is our mission is to help extremely low income large and single parent families with no housing choice avoid poverty-like conditions through the provision of decent housing at an affordable price.

We believe that all families deserve safe housing and safe neighborhoods so that their children will have the same education benefits as those from more affluent neighborhoods.
Any type of aid including but not limited to financial support, housing development, equipment & technology, educational materials, governmental assistance, insurance coverage or even your time & effort will be greatly appreciated especially by families and children to whom we serve.
OCCHC houses those families with the least resources and opportunity. Entry to our apartments is substantially limited to those with wages less than $10 an hour.
For further information or guidelines for philanthropic involvement, please call us at (714) 558-8161 or send us an email at occhc@occhc.org.
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