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Our Mission
OCCHC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transition extremely low income families to greater self-sufficiency by assisting with housing and education.  Its founding in 1977 was based on the principle that our low-wage families deserve safe housing and safe neighborhoods so that their children would have the same education benefits as those from more affluent neighborhoods.

Our Board of Directors
Our Vision
OCCHC has a vision of a community in which every working family has decent housing and that they have an equal educational environment.

Our Values
Values and principles guide OCCHC's work:
  • Those who are most vulnerable in society have voices and should be heard.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity are essential for the creativity and innovation.
  • The nurturance of individuals and families fosters the growth of healthy communities.
  • Partnerships, collaboration, and civic participation are fundamental to improving organizations and institutions, and to assuring sustainable social change.
  • The fostering of healthy human development emphasizes prevention over treatment.
These values shared (in part) with the Kellogg Foundation.

Our Capabilities

For almost 30 years OCCHC has worked with the County of Orange and many of the cities in Orange County to create, develop and manage deeply affordable, quality housing.

Models of Excellence

OCCHC is recognized for its excellent affordable housing product. City officials and lenders point to our housing as examples of successful low-income residential development. Our properties serve as models for affordable housing throughout Orange County.

OCCHC offers an impressive track record of performance. All of our projects are 100 percent occupied at completion, they are finished on schedule and within budget, and our residents remain over seven years on average. Rent collection problems are a rarity and tenant deposits are usually returned when families move on to ownership or to other locations.
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