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We needed to move on and make big decisions. We recently purchased our first home and could not be happier.

- The Moering Family

Family Mentoring

By strengthening family self-sufficiency, SteppingUP's Family Mentoring component assists minority families in stabilizing their housing, employment and income that will work to obtain the short- term goal of financial self-sufficiency during economic hardships and lead to obtaining the long-term goal of stepping up to market rate housing or buying their first home. One-on-one mentoring and workshops focus on:

    • Credit counseling
    • Paying off dept
    • Balancing personal finances
    • Importance of tracking daily expenses
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Opening checking & savings accounts
    • Homeownership
    • FAFSA, Scholarships & Taxes
    • Adult Educational Opportunities
    • Preparing for College & the Four Systems of Higher Education
    • Workforce Development (resume building, interview skills, computer & online job search skills)
    • Cancer Awareness
    • Health & Nutrition (Diabetes, Obesity, Exercise Planning, CPR Awareness)
    • Mental Health Awareness (Drug & Gang Prevention, Teen Dating, Suicide Prevention
    • Parenting Your Adolescent
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